Manuskrip Readiness

Before submit your manuscript, it is highly recommended for you to pre-evaluate it using Manuscript Readiness Level (MRL), an instrument that we developed to help you get an effective time of the peer-reviewing process.

Pre-Evaluation Criteria  Strong
(Level 1)
(Level 2) 

(Level 3 

Title: Straightforward, informative, and represents the contents of the article.  5  3  2
Abstract: Concise but at least contain the problem, purpose, method, important findings, and implications of the research  10  5  2
Keywords: Searchable by search engine, truly represents the intention of research. Don’t use phrases, only words. 5 to 6 keyword is recommended.  5  3  2
Introduction: Directing the reader about the importance of the research. Presenting significant problems, a clear state of the art, gap analysis, and novel concepts to fill the gaps. End it with the purpose of research.   15  10  5
Method: Clear and replicable. Reveals how research objectives are achieved with the appropriate tools, procedures, and stages.  10  5  2
Results: Presenting experimental or survey data, or any other kind of data depending on the type of research. The results are generally presented in clear and readable tables and figures.  15  10  5
Discussion: Meaningful. Good discussion is written as a dialogue that reveals the progress of the research in comparison to previous researches.  20  15  5
Conclusion: Contains a summary of research results (the most important research finding) that relates with the objectives written in the introduction.  10  4  1
References: Accountable, about 80% of the literatures from primary sources (reputable journals) and up to date (last 10 years). Use reference management tools.  10  5  1
Total Score  100  60  25


Total Score  Probability
85-100 Most likely to be published with little discussion with Editor/Reviewer
70-84 Possible minor revision (if there are no mistakes in principle)
50-69 Possible major revision
25-49 Most likely to be rejected in the first stage

Disclaimer: The Manuscript Readiness Level (MRL) above is used by authors as a “tool” to optimize the peer-reviewing process. The decision to accept or reject an article for publication in Radiasi is the authority of the Editor based on recommendations from reviewers.