Start from January 2021, Surya Abdimas moved to quarter publication model (4 issues per year: January - April - July - October). We want to serve authors better in reporting the results of community service and empowerment. 

  • Call for Paper; Volume 7 No 1, 2, 3 & 4 (2023)


    Surya Abdimas welcomes community services papers on a range of topics that include the field of Community  Empowerment, Community Service, Community Training and Education, etc. We invite researchers and academics to submit manuscripts with downloadable formats on the links:  Manuscript Guidelines
    Important Date:
    Deadline for submission:
    Vol 7 No 1 January (2023) = Desember 2022

    Vol 7 No 2 April (2023) = Maret 2022

    Vol 7 No 3 July (2023) = June 2022

    Vol 7 No 4 October (2023) = September 2022

    Please write your manuscript in Bahasa or English. The authors can register and submit the manuscript at the link: Submissions
    Note:  Our editors will not respond to author requests to "order publication" on certain volumes and issues, we process all submissions according to the peer-review process
    This information can be forwarded to your fellow researchers and academics at your institution. For further information, please feel free to contact us:  

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  • Call for Editor and Reviewer 2022


    The editorial board welcomes you to join us to be Editor or Reviewer of Surya Abdimas Journal.
    Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Reviewers along with the editors determine which work is of quality and significance. Due to extensive readership, the research and scholarship presented will ultimately have an impact on literacy in community empowerment, nationally and internationally.
    The reviewer's name will be listed on the journal's webpage.
    Complete application form: CLICK HERE

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  • Surya Abdimas Achievement


    Dear readers and authors,
    With great pleasure and gratitude to God, we inform you that Surya Abdimas has been accredited SINTA by the Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education (as Volume 2 No. 2 (2018)). We thank the authors for their best articles and to the editors and reviewers for their dedication. We look forward to hearing your best articles for the next issues.

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