About the Journal

Jurnal Ilmu Bahasa, Sastra dan Pengajarannya is a journal that publishes the results of thoughts or literature reviews in the fields of language, literature, and teaching (education) of Indonesian, regional languages and literature, English, and other foreign languages so that it is possible to have a more expansive study area. The study of linguistics examines language in general, including regional languages, Indonesian, English, and other foreign languages. Literature studies include film studies, oral literature (local wisdom, folklore, traditional drama), or written literature in Indonesian, regional, English, and other foreign literature. Teaching studies include learning innovation, learning media development, learning technology, classroom action research, and all language and literature teaching topics. Jurnal Ilmu Bahasa, Sastra dan Pengajarannya is a journal published by the Department of Javanese Literature and Language Education in collaboration with the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Muhammadiyah University of Purworejo. It is published twice a year, every May and November. The editors accept articles from students, lecturers, educators, researchers, cultural experts, literature experts, and educational practitioners who will publish their scientific work. Articles can be in Indonesian or English.