The Influence of Social Media on Students’ Reading Ability

  • Dwi Rulli Rahmawati Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo, Indonesia
  • Semi Sukarni Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo, Indonesia
  • Sri Widodo Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo, Indonesia
Keywords: Influence, Reading Ability, Social Media


The objectives of the research is to find out whether is any positive and significant influence
of influence of the use social media on students’ reading ability at the eighth grade of SMP Negeri 4
Purworejo in the academic year of 2019/2020.. The sample involved 50 students by applying purposive
sampling. The population of this study is the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 4 Purworejo in the
academic year of 2019/2020. The total of the eighth grade students is 256 students. formula.The
instruments to take the data by questionnaire to observing the use of social media and by reading test to
observing the reading comprehension skill. Mean and standard deviation are used in the descriptive
analysis, while test of linearity and hypothesis is used in the inferential analysis. The main result of this
research is (1) the use of social media can be categorized in sufficient level with M = 74.56, the SD =
9.73 and S = 94,741 at the range 70-79. (2) the students’ reading ability can be categorized in excellent
level with M = 77.8, the SD = 16.394and S = 268.776 at the range 80 – 100. (3) the result of hyphotesis
test shows that the value of correlation is 0.312 which is higher than 0.279 rtable 5%. It means that the
use of social media influence the students’ reading ability as big as 9.8% and the residue is 90.2%
influenced by other factor. The significant value of regression based on SPSS 16.0 is 0.027which is
lower than 0.05. It means that there is a positive and significant influence between two variables.


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Rahmawati, D. R., Sukarni, S., & Widodo, S. (2020). The Influence of Social Media on Students’ Reading Ability. Scripta : English Department Journal, 7(1), 13-24.

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