[Retraction] The Effect of Picture Series to the Students’ Ability in Writing Narrative Text

  • Mentari Florentina Pasaribu Universitas Prima Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Riana Br Sianipar Universitas Prima Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Marintan Simbolon Universitas Prima Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Vivi Anzelina Universitas Prima Indonesia, Indonesia
Keywords: Picture Series, Writing Skill, Narrative Text


This research is intended to know the effect of using picture to the students’ ability in writing
narrative text. In order to answer the problem, the researchers use some theories, namely: Cohen and
Riel (1989), Byrne (1997), Heaton (1988), Callahan (1992). In this article, the researchers use
quantitative methodology. Researchers use students at SMAS Dharma Pancasila Medan grade XI as the
population and use 58 students as the sample. The instrument in this article is a written test and the test
is about writing Narrative text. From the data analysis, the researchers give the score of each student in
every group and calculate it, the researchers find that the result of analyzing the data, the score of t-test
is higher than t-table, where the t-table is 2.00 and t-test is 7.00. So, t-test is higher than t-table. The
data analysis shows that there is a significant effect in using series of picture to the ability of the students
in writing narrative text at grade XI of SMAS Dharma Pancasila. It meant that Ha was accepted H0 was


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Pasaribu, M. F., Sianipar, R. B., Simbolon, M., & Anzelina, V. (2020). [Retraction] The Effect of Picture Series to the Students’ Ability in Writing Narrative Text. Scripta : English Department Journal, 7(1), 51-59. https://doi.org/10.37729/scripta.v7i1.637