Focus and Scopes

The scope of Scripta-Journal of English Language Education is on Research on English linguistics and literature.  We focus on

1) LANGUAGE SCIENCE (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, mother tongue, language acquisition, ethnolinguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis/CDA, forensic linguistics).

2) LITERATURE SCIENCE (Oral literature and written literature with various approaches to structuralism, literary psychology, sociology of literature, post colonial.

4) Teaching English as a second or foreign language. The journal welcomes contributions in such areas of current analysis in:

  • Teaching English as a foreign / second language
  • Curriculum and material development
  • Multimodality in language learning
  • Teaching Englsih to Young Learners
  • Literature in language education
  • Systemic functional linguistics in language education
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Critical narrative inquiry in language learning
  • English for specific purposes. 

5) educational technology that contains literature review, action research, case study research, and empirical findings in scientific disciplines of educational technology.  Study in related articles:

  • The foundation and philosophy of educational technology,
  • Design and Implementation,
  • Assessment and evaluation,
  • Strategies and models of general and specific learning,
  • Research and development methods,
  • Emerging technologies, and
  • Integration of technology in learning
  • Development learning media
  • Smart learning environment
  • Online learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Digital classroom
  • Hypermedia in learning
  • Quality assurance of learning