An Optimization of English E-Learning at Senior High School of Purworejo

  • Satrio Prayogo Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo, Indonesia
  • Juita Triana Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo, Indonesia
Keywords: English, Students’ Problem, Optimization, E-learning


-This study aims to find the students’ problem during English e-learning as the base in
providing new variations for teachers in conducting e-learning. It belongs to a descriptive qualitative
research. The data is in the form of questionnaire answers taken from twenty students of some senior
high schools of Purworejo. The writers use the mean of score scale in analyzing the data. From the
analysis of data, it is found that in their e-learning, most of the students get bored since the learning
process is monotonous, feel hard since there are too much assignment with lack of explanation, and feel
lost guided for the absence of a real teacher manifestation. Based on the gotten problems, the writers
offer the use of Edmodo application to provide new variation for teachers in conducting e-learning
especially in English teaching. In Edmodo, there are many complete and complex features. So it provides
another way for teachers and students to have better complement each other in e-learning. In conclusion,
to solve the students’ problems in English e-learning, the teachers should be literate with the existing
technology in the efforts of providing effective and interesting e-learning.


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Prayogo, S., & Triana, J. (2020). An Optimization of English E-Learning at Senior High School of Purworejo. Scripta : English Department Journal, 7(1), 42-50.

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